GetGlue successor TVtag is shutting down

.@GetGlue Successor @tvtag is shutting down


Social TV service TVtag, which was previously known as GetGlue, is shutting down at the end of the year. TVtag announced the shutdown in an email to users Friday afternoon, which stated that users had just a few days left to manually request the export of their data by emailing the TVtag team.

The email reads, in part:

“Later this month, we will be shutting down tvtag and its supporting apps in order to refocus our efforts on other initiatives. (…) We’re grateful for all your support over the last four years. You’ve helped us build an incredible community of fellow TV fans. We’ll miss it dearly.”

TVtag’s website and Twitter account have yet to be updated to acknowledge the shutdown.

TVTag launched earlier this year as a successor to GetGlue, a pioneering social TV service that let users check in to TV shows and earn stickers for…

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Domino’s Launches Its Pizza Ordering App For iPad With 3D Custom Pizza Builder


Domino’s Pizza has revamped its menu and turned around its financials over the last few years, during which time it also started to offer mobile ordering. Next Monday, the pizza chain will launch its iPad app, which will allow you to build your pizza and order it for take-out and delivery right from your couch.

What makes this app stand out is the 3D pizza builder that uses OpenGL to give you a more realistic view of what your final pizza will look like (of course, as in all food photography, the preview will still look quite a bit different from what will be in the box by the time it arrives at your door).


“The new Domino’s iPad app takes the experience of ordering pizza to a whole new level,” said Kevin Vasconi, Domino’s Pizza chief information officer, in a statement. “This is the coolest technology we have launched since Domino’s Tracker, and we are…

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Google Smartwatch Specs Leak, Show Hardware Comparable To Galaxy Gear 2


Some new details about Google’s upcoming smartwatch, which is said to be made by occasional Nexus hardware partner LG, have emerged from mobile leaker @evleaks, who has a solid track record when it comes to unreleased devices. Shortly after TechCrunch reported that Google’s smartwatch development is progressing, @evleaks said that LG was making Google’s device, and that it would debut at the search company’s I/O developers conference this year.

The new specs show a device with a 1.65-inch screen, with a screen resolution of 280 pixels by 280 pixels, which makes for a display density of 240. It also has 512MB of RAM on board, alongside 4GB of storage, which makes it roughly equivalent in many ways to a low-end smartphone. The processor is…

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Tumblr Now Lets You Dial A Toll-Free Number To Post Audio To Your Blog


Tumblr today added a new audio posting feature that lets you dial a toll-free number with your phone in order to post a short recording directly to your blog. We nearly missed the news of the addition because, in typical Tumblr fashion, the company doesn’t exactly describe the feature in detail on its blog. In fact, the post only reads, “Operators are standing by. Call now!”and is accompanied by some goofy video, which seemed like a joke.

But according to the video, users can now go into their Tumblr Settings, in order to first associate their phone number with their Tumblr account, then dial 1-866-584-6757 to record the audio. (If you try dialing the number before first configuring your settings, the system says your phone is not recognized and doesn’t allow you to post.)

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 6.13.14 PM

There’s no other verification to confirm the number you entered relates to…

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Fall Out Bird, The Flappy Bird Clone Game From Fall Out Boy

akhirnya mobile game kloningan “flappy bird” dari kelompok musik ternama “fall out boy” dirilis juga meskipun saat ini baru di google play store dan coming soon di apple app store. game ini beberapa hari lalu sudah diumumkan “fall out boy” di beberapa layanan sosial media-nya termasuk sudah kita posting juga di sini.

game ini didedikasikan juga buat “flappy bird” yang udah dimatikan keberadaannya di app store dan play store oleh developernya dan bagi penggemar “fall out boy” plus fans “flappy bird” akan terobati.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but this game was. In the spirit of Fall Out Boy Trail, we bring you Fall Out Bird. Shoutout to the OG Flappy Bird, RIP.

fall out bird” sendiri merupakan bagian dari game “fall out trail” yang sudah dimiliki “fall out boy” sebelumnya sebagai game edukasi.  cara memainkan game “fall out bird” ini sama dengan “flappy bird” dengan cara menerbangkan ikon personil band “fall out boy” melewati gerbang-gerbang berbentuk kepala gitar.  what’s everyones top score so far? so download “fall out bird” on google play store

silahkan juga lihat teaser game “fall out bird” di video berikut:

Flappy Bird Developer Says He’s Taking The Hit Game Down Tomorrow

[Blog]: #FlappyBird Developer Says He’s Taking The Hit Game Down Tomorrow


The developer of the popular mobile game Flappy Bird just declared that he’s taking the game down tomorrow.

Dong Nguyen, an indie game developer based in Hanoi, Vietnam, tweeted, “I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore.” He then elaborated, “It is not anything related to legal issues. I just cannot keep it anymore.”

After his tweets first went out, others asked if he was willing to sell it, but he said no. Nguyen also said that he’s still making games.

TechCrunch interviewed Nguyen via email a week ago, after Flappy Bird took off (it’s still the number one free app in both Apple’s App Store and in Google Play). He said that he’s the only creator at his game studio .GEARS , and he seemed to be as surprised by Flappy…

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a thousand years and more…

The Best iOS And Android Apps Of 2013

The Best #iOS And #Android Apps Of 2013


Congratulations, Planet Earth! We made it another 365 days without crashing into the sun. Go team!

It’s the end of the year, and that means three things: booze, ridiculous sunglasses with numbers on them, and lists. Lots and lots of lists. You’ve seen our list of best/worst gadgets of the year. Up next? The Best Mobile Apps Of 2013.

Now, to be clear: there’s not a lot of science here. If we were going by the raw numbers, some Angry Birds spin-off would be the top app every year for the rest of eternity. Instead, these are the favorites picked by a bunch of geeks who write about this stuff all day, every day. We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the terrible — and after some heated debate, these apps emerged as the year’s champs.

We tried to stick with apps that launched in 2013, or, in…

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Google Doodle Holiday Series 2013

Part 1 (24/12/13) “Happy Holidays from Google”

Google published new special logo during Christmas Day 2013 and New Year 2014. Google Doodle Holiday Series released starting Dec.24, 2014, part 1 “Happy Holidays From Google” as a simple shows a bucolic scene of a couple in a horse-drawn sleigh making their way through a snowy, winter wonderland.

Checkout the Google Doodle Holiday Series 2013:

Part 2 (15/12/13) “‘Tis The Season!”

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