Domino’s Launches Its Pizza Ordering App For iPad With 3D Custom Pizza Builder


Domino’s Pizza has revamped its menu and turned around its financials over the last few years, during which time it also started to offer mobile ordering. Next Monday, the pizza chain will launch its iPad app, which will allow you to build your pizza and order it for take-out and delivery right from your couch.

What makes this app stand out is the 3D pizza builder that uses OpenGL to give you a more realistic view of what your final pizza will look like (of course, as in all food photography, the preview will still look quite a bit different from what will be in the box by the time it arrives at your door).


“The new Domino’s iPad app takes the experience of ordering pizza to a whole new level,” said Kevin Vasconi, Domino’s Pizza chief information officer, in a statement. “This is the coolest technology we have launched since Domino’s Tracker, and we are…

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WordPress for iOS V.4.0.1 with Improve the Performance of Stats & More

Layanan blogging WordPress merilis versi baru aplikasi untuk pengguna iOS (iPhone, IPad dan iPod Touch) yang senang nge-blog lewat perangkat mobilenya. Versi terbaru WordPress for iOS V.4.0.1 dengan banyak improvements dan perbaikan adanya bugs dalam rangka mempermudah posting blog secara mobile.

Bagi pengguna iOS device bisa langsung melakukan update dari App Store secara gratis.  Jangan lupa kunjungi blog WordPress kami di 

Berikut change log secara lengkap WorPress for iOS:

• Improved the performance of stats. 
• Made the “Options” page easier to locate and access. 
• Fixed a bug that caused the app to freeze when you tried to update a post’s settings. 
• Fixed a bug that stopped you from moving the cursor to the end of a line. 
• Fixed a bug that broke the UI when you inserted a link in the post editor. 
• Fixed a bug that crashed the app when you added a featured image to a post. 
• Increased the minimum required version of WordPress to 3.6. 
• Fixed a bug that caused the post editor to malfunction if you inserted a link.

Source: App Store