New Foursquare For BlackBerry 10 With New Look And Bug Fixes

Foursquare kemaren melakukan update aplikasi yang diperuntukkan bagi pengguna BlackBerry 10, versi terbaru ini dengan perubahan yang lumayan bagus termasuk tampilan yang baru, improvements dari kinerja aplikasi ini dan bug fixes yang sering terjadi.

Silahkan update aplikasi resmi Foursquare for BlackBerry 10 langsung dari BlackBerry World.

Berikut update note dari Foursquare:

– Big performance improvements on the main screen. 

– New “Highlights” carousel on the main screen letting you know the best things going on around you. – Redesigned venue pages. 

– Updated profile page 

– Check-in right from the Hub with the Foursquare item in ‘compose’. 

– Delivery options on the venue page, if the venue has Grubhub or Seamless available. 

– UTF-8 Characters are now appropriately displayed in the active frame 

– Settings – Account Settings – Profile has been fixed 

– BBM Connection and sharing reliability greatly improved. Can now share to BBM from a card.

Source: BlackBerry World

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