Missing Flappy Bird? Fall Out Boy Has You Covered With Fall Out Bird Game


The unexpected shutdown of viral game phenomenon “Flappy Bird” this weekend had users’ feathers flying.

I cannot take this anymore,” creator Dong Nguyen said a day before the tap-happy game was axed from iTunes and Android app stores.

But good for us, pop rockers Fall Out Boy has our backs… so they say. On Monday night (February 10), the band suggested that they have a game to fill the “Flappy Bird” void.

The news quickly trended as the guys tweeted further details about the game, saying it will hit stores later this week… if it gets approved.

Fall Out Boy is not new to riffing off popular games. In 2009, Pete Wentz helped start up Fall Out Boy Trail, their version of Oregon Trail, the nostalgic computer game enjoyed by ’90s kids alike. With their newest game, the band is sending fans back into the Flappy frenzy. It ain’t over ’til Patrick Stump slams into a pipe!

Hopefully Fall Out Bird won’t make us chuck our phones out the window too. [MTV.com]

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