New Foursquare Badge: How To Unlock “@GalatasaraySK” Badge


Name: Galatasaray S.K. 
“İşte şimdi sen de gerçek Galatasaraylı oldun! Galatasaray ruhunu taşıyan bu yerde check-in yaparak sarı kırmızılı rozeti kazandın! Galatasaray aşkına paylaşımlarının devamını bekliyoruz!” 
How To Unlock:
– Active during “Galatasaray S.K.” match
– Like “Galatasaray S.K. on Foursquare”
– Checkin and choose event option
– Leveling badge
– Schedule http://www.galatasaray.orgVenue Event:
23.10.2013: Galatasaray VS FC Copenhagen at “Turk Telekom Arena – İstanbul, Türkiye
05.11.2013: FC Copenhagen VS Galatasaray at “Parkstadion (Parken) – Copenhagen, Denmark
27.11.2013: Real Madrid VS Galatasaray at “Estadio Santiago Bernabéu – Madrid, Spain

BlackBerry 10.2 OS Begins Roll Out — New Reasons to Love your BlackBerry 10 Smartphone, Big and Small

#BB10 Update:

Inside BlackBerry

Instant previews

We’ve got some exciting news for BlackBerry 10 customers out there— today your favorite smartphone is getting even better with the release of BlackBerry 10.2 OS, which will available for download starting this week.

BlackBerry 10.2 OS introduces new features like BlackBerry Priority Hub, BlackBerry Natural Sound, and BBM now in any app that will help you be more productive and stay better connected when it counts. Plus, with hundreds of new refinements, BlackBerry 10.2 makes the things you do every day faster and easier. Here are just some of the new features you’re going to love in BlackBerry 10.2:

BlackBerry 10.2 Highlights:

Priority Hub
Keep your important conversations closer than ever with the new Priority Hub. Always at your fingertips, Priority Hub learns what conversations are most important to you and automatically puts those messages at the top of your inbox, helping you to stay focused on the…

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BBM – the First 24 Hours are an Amazing Success

10 Million People Downloaded #BBM for #iOS, #Android in Just 24 Hours

Inside BlackBerry

BBM Party!

It’s been 24 hours since we resumed the launch of BBM for Android and iPhone. And what a day it’s been! We’ve already had more than 10 million downloads of BBM. I want to thank our customers – old and new – our employees, and our partners for their enthusiasm and commitment. BBM is looking great on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, and the team here is very excited about the success of this launch.

I’m also pleased to say that BBM rose very quickly in the Apple App Store free app rankings in the first 24 hours, taking the number one slot in more than 75 countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, Indonesia and most of the Middle East. We have also seen overwhelmingly positive reviews on Google Play and the App Store. In fact, BBM has earned 60,000 five-star reviews on Google Play from about 87,000 reviews.

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Google Doodle Today To Celebrate The 216th Anniversary of The 1st Parachute Jump

google hari ini, 22 oktober memperingati 216 tahun “the first parachute jump” dengan google doodle animasi yang menggambarkan sejarah parasit yaang ditemukan pertama kali tahun 1797 di parc monceau (paris) oleh andre-jacques garnerin. pada saat percobaan pertama kali tersebut andre-jacques garnerin baru berusia 28 tahun dengan penuh keberanian menerbangkan balon udara dengan ketingguan 3000 kaki kemudian melepaskan balon dan hanya menggunakan sebuah parasit payung untuk mengedalikan beban jatuh ke bumi (saat itu andre-jacques garnerin sempat terluka).

google doodle berbentuk animasi dengan slide gambar yang berbeda (liat selengkapnya di video di bawah ini serta capture per sceene google doodle tersebut:


BBM for Android and BBM for iPhone: Official Launch Details

#BBM for #Android & #iOS Update

Inside BlackBerry

BBM for Android and iPhone Launch

This is the news you’ve been waiting for! I am thrilled to tell you that we are about to officially resume our rollout of BBM for Android and iPhone customers around the globe!* In the next few hours, people will start seeing BBM in Google Play, the App Store and in select Samsung App Stores – where it will be free to download.

The demand for BBM on Android and BBM on iPhone continues to be amazing. About six million people signed up for information about BBM at As you know, in just seven hours, about one million Android users were using the unreleased version of BBM for Android. What you don’t know is that more than one million people have found creative ways to “side load” BBM on their iPhone. This is incredible.

To help manage this unprecedented pent up demand for BBM, we are implementing a…

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New Untappd Badge To Celebrate 3rd Anniversary

Name: Untappd 3rd Anniversary 
“Happy Birthday to us! It’s been another great year of drinking socially, and we are honored and thrilled to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary. Cheers to you and to our entire community for the continued support!” 
How To Unlock: 
– Active during “Untappd 3rd Anniversary“, 22-27 October 2013
– Just checkin any brews
 More Untappd Badge:

New Untappd Badge “Baltimore Beer Week (2013)” @BaltBeerWeek

Name: Baltimore Beer Week (2013) 
“Thanks for attending Baltimore Beer Week! Looking for more events and Beer Week fun? Check out our event list” 
How To Unlock: 
– Active during “Baltimore Beer Week“, 18th – 27th October 2013
– Check-in to at least three (3) different participating venues
– Add location
Venue Example:
Hudson Street Stack House
More Untappd Badge:

New Untappd Badge “Cleveland Beer Week (2013)” @clevelandbeerwk

Name: Cleveland Beer Week (2013) 
“Welcome to 2013 Cleveland Beer Week featuring 350+ keg tapping, beer sipping events! Learn more at and follow us on Facebook at ClevelandBeerWeek and Twitter @clevelandbeerwk”
How To Unlock:
– Active during “Cleveland Beer Week“, 18th – 26th October 2013
– Checking in to any beer at at least three (3) participating venues
Venue Example:
Gillespie’s Map Room

Updated Facebook App Now Available for BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

Inside BlackBerry

Facebook for BlackBerry 10

This month, we’ve seen some exciting updates for social networking apps on the BlackBerry 10 platform. I’m happy to announce that today, Facebook v10.2.2 for BlackBerry 10 smartphones is available on the BlackBerry World storefront as a free download. Facebook v10.2.2 is an update designed to make it easier than ever to express yourself and stay connected while on the go.

Here’s a quick rundown of the highlight features. Be sure to read through these, then download the update to Facebook for BlackBerry 10.

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